About Snowside Hosting

We are here to disrupt the hosting industry as you know it. We are a force to be reckoned with.

Snowside Hosting's core values: Honesty, Transparency, Service

We believe that the best approach to business is being honest with our customers, even when it can be painful. Customers have trusted us with their data, projects, websites and more - We believe that hosting is a handshake trust agreement that we as a provider are to provide the best quality service available while keeping your data safe.While our competitors are more focused on profit margins, we are soley focused on the quality of service that we can provide to our customers at an affordable, reasonable rate.

Happy Customers from all around the World!

We have happy customers from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and everywhere in between. You can see our community for yourself, by joining our Discord server and reading our #reviews channel

Powerful Hardware and Support

We only deploy HP Enterprise grade servers across our networks. Good, quality hardware that you can rely on

3 Facilities and Counting...

We are constantly in expansion mode and looking for network providers who meet our same values and provide excellent quality of service

Company Management

Who is behind the scenes running Snowside Hosting?

Jon B. Co-Owner

Jon started off his fascination with web hosting and voice servers back in 2008-2009. He sold Teamspeak 3 servers from his bedroom computer and ever since then he's been a major player in the industry. Jon has specialties in Datacenter Operations and large-scale buildouts. Jon has roughly 5-6 years of Datacenter experience and about 12 years of hosting experience.

Ryan W. Co-Owner

I joined the Snowside team in late 2022. As a long time friend and business partner with Jon, we just hit the ground running and work well together. I have a passion for entrpenuership and the crazyness that comes with running a small business. As a full time Airline Pilot I get to live the bes tof both worlds and continue to do what I love to do, fly airplanes and build servers.

Snowside Hosting Services Our Customers Know Us Best

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